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    I am having some troubles.. I have been working out a way to create a 3×2 box with these icons in it.. Here is the fiddle : I need some serious help.. Been going around in circles.


    Note that this “background-image: url(“../images/facebook.png”); ” won’t work on jsfiddle. You need to reference an image on your server (

    anyway, you had “img .twitter-icon” but the class twitter-icon is the class for that image, it’s not its child, so you should use img.twitter-icon (no space before the dot).

    There were some typos in your code (pintrest, twitter-ico -> pinterest, twitter-icon).

    You can’t use @include on jsfiddle (I think it doesn’t allow preprocessors like codepen does [I’m not sure]).

    I changed img in span because we don’t have the icons, but it should work just the same way.


    I’m also confused why you are putting the image in your HTML with no source and then putting it in the background.

    Also, you have a ‘ul’ with no ‘li’s.

    I assume you were going for something like this..


    we have a winner.. Thanks guys.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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