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    So I’m fairly new to wordpress, been using it maybe 6 months and have built a few websites using it, but I have a website I need to build and I’m not too sure how I could get wordpress to do this…

    I’ll try explain as much as possible, the website is for a store that sells clothes, they sell maybe 10-12 different brands and they want each brand to have it’s own page on the website, on each brand page they then want to display the different products they sell of each starting with Male, Female, Accessories or All (Male+Female+Accessories). Then for each type they want to show the types of products for that type, such as Hoodies, Tees & Jeans under Male, so for instance:

    Brand Name > Male > Jeans > Gallery of different jeans they do.
    Brand Name > Female > Skirts > Gallery of different skirts they do.

    Now, basically this is what I want to do. Have it so when you visit the brand main page, you see four links, “All”, “Male”, “Female” and “Accessories”, I want these four links to be tabs (I know how to do that) what I want is so when you click “male” the tap opens and shows a list of all the products that are male for that brand, so perhaps a loop that gets the brandpage then finds the male bit inside it and then lists them, I’m not sure, that’s the bit I’m stuck at.

    I was thinking you could maybe list all the pages within it’s parent page using the WordPress loop, so for instance if you had a page on your website called “brand/male/hoodies” you could have a loop that listed all the hoodies in Male in whatever the brand was, if that makes sense? Is it listing pages of it’s parent?

    If anyone has any ideas that would be great, not sure if I’ve really explained myself very well though :/

    Thank you for reading and any help appreciated!



    First of all, there’s nothing you can’t achieve in WordPress :)
    Have a look at this:
    You’ll want to use customized loops to achieve what you’re looking for.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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