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    Using wordpress, and thesis.
    I will soon be having my visitors submit their art work to me, via email.. which i will create a post out of to allow people to vote on that piece of art/post and comment on them individually.

    we intend on havinga monthly contest for Fan Art that people submit and the highest rated 3 people will win a prize..

    we do this already through our youtube channle.. but the winner is picked by us, and we’d like to create more user interaction and bring it to our website instead..

    what im trying to figure out is how to organize this, i want people to be able to view past months contest entries.. as well as the current contest..

    so i was thinking, a custom post type “Fan Art” would be a good idea. and i could use date based categories to display the submitted art/posts.. but then im told thats kind of not a good practice.. date based categories and i should use Archives..

    thing is, custom post types to have the option for archiving. .which is reallllly lame :-p
    and there is a plugin for it, but then that just adds on top of my mountain of plugins im already using.
    plus, i tried it, and it dont make a lot of sense to me.

    so . . could anyone give some advice as to the best way to handle monthly contests/ use submitted art-work which are submitted for a contest..

    err so much stuff going on Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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