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    We have just changed the design and logo of our corporate website – On the front page we embedded a picture of our office room and in the center you can see a red button. If you press on it – the room changes a little some new things appear (jacuzzi, mirror ball and poster). What do you think of that? It looks funny, but we don’t want visitors to think that we have fun instead of doing our work. Should we keep it there, or it is better to remove it? And what do you think of the whole design and navigation of the site?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


    I like it!

    Of course, you could remove it, and be like every other boring IT group’s site : )


    The design looks nice and the little animation is neat. However I don’t think anyone will know to press the red button, so I don’t think you have to worry about giving the wrong impression of only having fun and not working. Also I see a lot of grammar errors if this is suppose to be suited for the US English language?


    First impressons: the design is pretty nice, overall. The isometric illustration is a nice touch, though I’m not sure how many people will click the red button. The only minor design criticisms I have are with some of the spacing. First, the illustrated “P” in the logo stretches out beyond the “line” of the left edge of the content. I’m guessing that the rest of the elements have some internal padding or margins that don’t apply to the logo. If you slide it right a bit, I think it would be an improvement.

    The second spacing issue I see is that the illustration seems a bit cramped. You might want to add some padding above and below it to open it up some, and maybe reduce the space between the items in the “I am interested in” list. That way, you wouldn’t have “Software Development” almost running into your picture.

    That’s my thoughts, based off of my first impressions.


    first impressions are..i like the illustration…i didnt know to press the red button (which is awfully funny with the jacuzzi and glitter ball nice touch) until someone said it in the forum here…but..

    I can’t stand the standard big “yawn” button, the main paragraphs look squeezed, they need more space to breath….oh and the sharp edge of the pic looks like its about to be blunted by the straight line of the header, try placing the image slightly over the bottom line of the header to show connectivity between the 2 and precedence…..

    apart from that..its a good try :)


    Thank you all guys for helpful advices. Now there are lots of things we have to work at and make our site more user friendly.


    Nice site. You might want to add that the hml5 shiv so it works on older browsers. I didn’t see it in the head section.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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