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    I want to use the jQuery Smooth Scrolling code in a layout I’m going to distribute (for free), and I’m not really sure what the “copyright” or “terms of use” are for the coding. I could not find it on the site…
    If I am able to use the code credit will be given and I’ll include a credits page, so people who download & use the layout will also credit from where the coding is from.

    jQuery Smooth Scrolling code…

    Thanks! Or if anybody could give me a link to the copyright info or terms of use for coding that would be great


    @chriscoyier has those snippets to download for free.


    Normally he has a witty comment about it, such as:
    “As with anything you find on this site. Please use this on whatever you dang well please. Preferably big fancy corporate projects where you tell your boss this was all your idea and you get a big raise.”

    I would say he would love a reference link, but that is up to you. As with your specific case, there is a reference URL for that snippet, therefore I would check with that site as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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