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    Sorry to open up an old thread but I found these and thought I’d share. – takes the cake


    I find these sites sacrifice usability for design which in my opinion is a big no-no.. there wasnt 1 that i enjoyed browsing


    the newzealand one totally blew my mind. not from a website/usability viewpoint, but as a photography fan. that is so beautiful, maybe the first time ever a website made me a bit emotional. I’m not that much of a designer, but this stuff is fascinates me.. it will find beautiful uses, just you wait :)

    maybe we should make a distinction between “actual websites” and webpages/pamphlets. and that’s not dissing those “pamphlets”, they serve a slightly different purpose after all. a good website is a bad pamphlet and vice versa, if you catch my drift. you can’t have flashy and “easy and fast to use on a regular basis” at the same time? that’s not possible I think, there’s always a trade-off… but of course that’s just a challenge to be proven wrong :D

    thanks for posting these all! it got me much more interested in parallax scrolling stuff than I was before. particularly the nizo one… I think I’ll try to make something that combines CSS animations/keyframe positions, and background positions with the window scroll position(s), maybe the mouse pointer and whatnot.. ohhh.. *inspired*


    ok so what is this called and where do I find out how to do these?


    Parallax scrolling and there are several tutorials if you do a simple search.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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