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    @chriscoyier just posted this site via twitter

    “Scroll-down effects are a total fad but I think they are awesome. Especially this one via @rfelix”

    referring to

    also, last week this site spread like wildfire –

    Does anybody have any other examples of experimental scrolling effects?


    Another great example that has just launched:


    gotta love the one you posted sl1dr, to me it was the best of the examples posted on here


    The problem I’m seeing with these kind of sites is that the designers are trying to compound many pages into one, and aren’t realizing that with that many different requests for mostly things like images it creates a massive load time and an annoying blankness if you get too far ahead of the loading.

    However, the one that @sl1dr posted loads perfectly. It’s minimalistic and uses less images that are smaller. One of the challenges I think anyone that would be wanting to design a website like this would be minimizing the load time and making it flow properly. Now when I say that, if you go to some of the websites with this effect the effect doesn’t move smoothly when you scroll down and thus makes it less impressive.

    Nizo is a good example of a site that doesn’t do the effect properly, because the animation is choppy and it really brings down the wow factor for me. Then with Ala, the time it takes to load the site is far too long and by the time you’re ready to scroll down the images below it still aren’t finished loading.

    Even with the challenge of learning how to create this and do it well you still have a lot of elements to consider before being able to make an amazing version for yourself. Although when you do get it right, you can be sure you’ve accomplished something great.

    Also here is a great side scrolling example:

    I personally love this one, it’s high quality and it loads quickly. It also creates the effect well and even with a few kinks still is one of the most amazing designs I’ve seen in a while.


    Hey Guys, GREAT examples! Here’s another fun one:

    I’m intrigued with horizontal and vertical scrolling sites. I don’t know if I’d ever have a request to do one, but it’s great to know how to do so!



    Some of these are great, visual wise, but in terms of usability they are a complete nightmare.


    @sl1dr, is awesome! thanks for the great examples


    @Brightonmike – bang on.


    I was wondering even though this site is done in flash I am looking for another way preferably with css to create this sort of a menu.. what do you think guys can this be done with css or does it need to be done in flash only? here is the subject site.


    that is good news I know what you mean the scrolling background at 100mph but i do like the menu style

    Chris Coyier

    I tend to agree with @Ampitere . I think there are appropriate times, and times that aren’t so appropriate. Here is a site I see that uses it very appropriately :

    The ONLY reason I see this as appropriate is when there isn’t a lot of content.

    This is another interesting use: again… if one explores the site, this is kind of acting as a ‘landing page’ for paz portfolio, but doesn’t really have much info about his business.

    A site with a ton of content, i think would be less appropriate.

    Another thing to think about…

    Will This Effect SEO?

    We all know how important page titles are for search engine optimization. The more pages, the more SEO optimized (white hat) keyword stuffing you can do.. What effect does only one page have on your incoming traffic?

    -All Good Things-


    Don’t like the one…just too much stuff going on and as a result all you end up doing is looking at it rather than looking at any “content”.

    The nizo one is interesting.

    It’s always the same when new technologies or features come along. Some people jump in and create sites which are packed to the max with some or all of them. There can be too much of a good thing. In a few months when you see the trendy stuff appearing on more sites it’ll become boring and the sites over-using it will be seen as excessive.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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