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    Hi guys … I am just getting started with jQuery and I need some guidance here…

    I want to take the jQuery script found here and apply it for one of my ecommerce sites.

    But I need a slight modification … I need the sub-categories (and 2nd level sub-categories and so on) to have a prefix (–) for the menu to be more readable.

    I have managed to get it to work with 1st level sub-categories using this code:
    var prefix = (el.parent().hasClass(‘level1’) == true) ? “- ” : “”;

    Now I don’t know how to get to work for even deeper categories.

    I have uploaded the modification to codepen to make it easier for you guys to get the whole concept. You can find it here: [](”)

    Your help is much appreciated! Thank you!



    I just managed to solve this myself after a while of testnig.

    If anyone is interested, the result looks like this:

    Might come in handy for other people that want to add more mobile-friendly navigation for their ecommerce sites with big catalogues.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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