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    I cannot seem to find anything about this. Say i have:

    iframe src=”whatever.jpg” /iframe

    I can scale the iframe with width: 100% but the image’s width is (obviously) static. Is it possible to scale the image inside the iframe also with width: 100% or something? Thanks!


    Nope, don’t think you can.


    Why do people in forums like this insist on questioning the intent of the question? I happen to work for a car dealer website provider and we have dozens of third party providers that require us to add things to our pages using iframes. I found this post because I have that very situation – a provider that wants us to embed something (a pricing related image) on some of our dealers’ sites and we need to resize the iframe based on the space available in that theme, but his image is a set size.

    I didn’t find my answer here, but please remember that if someone is asking the question, there probably is a good reason. Don’t just start with “Why are you even doing that?” It doesn’t matter, just answer the question. I think it’s pretty obvious that embedding an image with an iframe is a crazy idea 99% of the time. I’m sure Corey knows that. He is asking because clearly he has a situation that calls for it so just answer, or move on.

    Sorry you are bearing the brunt of my never-ending frustration, but I see it so often I want to hurl. If someone is asking the question, they probably have their own good reasons. It’s not for you to question their motives, just be helpful or move on.


    Why do people in forums like this insist on questioning the intent of the question?

    It’s experience.

    More often than not the user is actually asking the ‘wrong’ question. I know that sounds a bit much but so often the actual answer means that they have to redefine their terms of reference.

    It’s like they ask….”How can I stop my wall from leaking”.

    Simple answer: “Stop up the hole”

    When you ask, “Why is the wall leaking?” and you find out it is, in fact, not a wall but rather is a dam…you start to realise that the simple answer is not the ‘right’ one.

    Questioning the user’s assumptions, and our own, is rarely a bad thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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