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    Can anyone shed some light rays for me please?

    Im wanting to use the content slider jquery effect for a site im building. This is all good but i was wondering whether its possible to use php in the setup of the content slider. So that when you click a link the content generated on the page will come via php. Im trying this in wordpress so it would be cool to have all the wonders of wordpress’s page and blog platform but being called within a slider effect.

    Hopes this makes sense.



    Do you mean like having a page called ‘Slider’ and each sub-page would be one slide of your slideshow? I’ve not seen that before but it is definitely an interesting idea.

    – Slide 1
    – Slide 2
    – Slide 3
    – Slide 4


    Its something similar to the wp-coda slider theme.

    Where you can have navigation links in the header which link to their page, but use the slider effect to load into view. Then have page templates to show the information, like a photo gallery or something like this.

    I’ve tried going through the wp-coda theme and understand how the code is put together but im not very good, and its going to take ages to get what i want.

    Still going to look through it though.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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