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    I have made a website. It is under test at present. I have used a video and few text, and positioned them using position absolute, left, top etc. Now when I open the website on any browser for the first time in a day, the video and text shows around 15 pixels downwards. It comes back to its position after a while (20 – 30 minutes). I have never seen this thing before. Can anybody please help me on it?

    Thanks in advance.




    The first thing I’d do is start by getting the site to validate. If it’s still happening, let us know.


    Hi jamy_za,
    Thanks for the help. I have validated the html. I have opened the page this time on IE. The problem still exists.

    One thing I found that when I logged in the content is at right place, but when I am logged out the header contents goes down. I have tried to correct the content (for visitors only). Now they will see the correct placement of the header content. When a user gets logged in, he will see the header content little up.

    Can you find me a solution please?




    Absolute Positioned elements are positioned relative to the last of their parent elements that has a positions defined.
    Because there have no parent element with a defined position, the video and the text are positioned relative to the .
    Try setting the #masthead’s position to relative and reposition the elements inside it… I believe that then your problem will be fixed…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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