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    my actual development process takes place on desktop

    What does your development process have anything to do with me visiting site you created on a mobile device?

    Mobile First, again, is not only about CSS. Its attempting to address designing with constraints, from not just the available viewport perspective but from the content and asset delivery. To use contrived example, with this mindset you wouldn’t serve 1000×400 image to a mobile device just so it looks good on Desktop. The benefits of starting Mobile First is that you create a solid base from which you can build upon. Google is more and more interested in performance and your site being optimized for mobile. It’s a serious consideration you have to think about.

    Optimizing is a bitch with Desktop First. At least in my experience.

    You might want to watch this series and look at the constraints of mobile. In addition check out the previous link I posted to Luke’s two videos on mobile growth.


    What does your development process have anything to do with me visiting site you created on a mobile device?

    Absolutely nothing? I was just referring to MY development (and debugging/testing) process and why a desktop-first approach easier for ME.

    Just like artists have their own preferences how they record an album, and that also has nothing to do if someone listens to the record digitally or on cassette/LP.


    I must be reading this wrong then

    But for me personally, designing mobile first is just less natural cause my actual development process takes place on desktop.

    Emphasis added.

    Still not sure how, the fact you design/develop on desktop, has anything to do with either Mobile or Desktop approach.

    As opposed to what…

    When I’m designing mobile first I need to be using mobile device.

    I don’t get it.


    I think I can safely dismiss IE 8 at this point, it’s market share is diminishing at an accelerating pace. I don’t see it as a major hurdle I need to be overly concerned with.

    Just wanting to touch on this since I see it so often. You can only safely dismiss IE8 if your client can dismiss it. It’s not what’s best for you, it’s what’s best for the client (which can be you in some cases!).



    Point taken :)


    @ NIX

    Thanks for your time and input, I value all opinions and insights. This forum has treated me well. In my opinion MUST encompasses all “screen sizes”, and all devices.

    With regard to my topic, I plan to forgo any device specific or predefined media queries and allow my layout to (naturally) determine my breakpoints as screen size changes. I like the idea of “future-proof” designs, layout and styles. The “flow” will allow me to keep my focus where it should be ……… on the content.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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