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    hi all..
    i am a begginer in the WEB programming world.
    i started with some CodeAcademy courser (Html/css/JS)
    i started to delv into this world for 7 days ago and i have to admite, i am CONFUSED !
    first, there is tones of online courses (Udemy/coursera/codeacademy/treehouses/codeschool/lynda/tuts+ etc..)
    and i don’t know what is good to start with..
    another thing is that i have seen a lot of discussion about Sass/Lass/Bootstrap 3 and another confusing words (of course i have checked them out)
    and what about all those WIX platform ( is it a good timing to start with WEB ?)..
    my goal is to know how to build a website from scratch (maybe using WordPress and maybe not).
    i need some professional consulting here.
    thanks in advance.


    First, if you’re having issues with CSS and HTML, do not dive into complex CMS’s. That will only cause more confusion.

    Can you be more specific on what you’re confused about?


    i am cunfused about where to start, what is the right way to become a web developer?
    the only thing i know is that i need to know html, css, js, jquery, php and mySQL.. what do you guys think i need to do?


    what do you guys think i need to do?

    This question is very difficult to answer, especially since you’re just getting your feet wet.

    If you break down each to the most fundamental level you might better understand where to invest your time. For example…

    HTML – Content Structure
    CSS – Presentation
    JavaScript/jQuery – Interaction
    PHP/MySQL – Server Interaction (CRUD)

    Substitute any Server Side Language with PHP if you like, but most web developers start with PHP as it’s widely available and has many free resources…

    From there you may move to such things as frameworks and various tools to help you. Keep it very simple in the beginning, as you can get overwhelmed and quit from the vast amount of information/tools/etc on the market.

    And remember “Everything is hard before it’s easy”, it’s going to take some time…

    Read the following FREE resources before paying for anything…

    HTML/CSS – (they also have advanced edition)

    CSS – or

    JavaScript/jQuery – or

    PHP –

    I’m very visual person so I like to learn by watching, and I always visit YouTube and research what I’m trying to understand… some of the free resources available to you is unlimited…

    Anyways hope that helps.



    I’m very visual person so I like to learn by watching

    This might be a perfect resource for people that learn better this way:

    Don’t Fear the Internet.

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