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    Given how many bugs, errors, and omissions there are in Internet Explorer’s support for CSS, it’s a good idea to have a separate stylesheet just for IE6/7 that you load only if the user is using one of those browsers. For example, you could put this in the head of your document:


    This is called a conditional comment. Since the syntax is that of a regular HTML comment, the code inside will be ignored by every browser except IE6, which will recognize the special [if IE 6] statement and parse the code.

    But there’s an even simpler way to do this. Instead of using the [if IE 6] piece to load another stylesheet, use it to create a special wrapper <div> that will only appear if the browser is IE6. For example:



    (more code, etc.)

    Now, any time you need to change the styles for an element but only in IE6, just prefix the selector with "#ie6":

    .box {width: 100px;}
    #ie6 .box {width: 200px;}

    Credit for this trick goes to Position is Everything :-)

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