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    I actually prefer dell.


    Make sure you guys are comparing the right tools, you can not compare Mac Pro to a shitty machine like entry level (insert brand here) ___________, if you are gonna compare, see Business Class Dell Precision Laptops vs. Macs. So the hardware issue is non existent. I’ve used both Mac’s and PC’s, both can do exactly the same thing. Now if you want to be with the cool kids go ahead buy expensive tools, from business perspective this makes 0 sense.


    I have a 3 year old compaq notebook, not a single problem for web work.. ASSUMING you are either carrying around a petrol generator or have access to mains 24/7.

    Seriously though, anything with the latest intel chips, 4GB+ ram (8GB preferred) and a decent sized HDD (or SSD combo for huge snappiness improvements) will do everything flawlessly.

    Macs have nothing that requires their use for web-work, they are great machines but you can get much better performance for the price elsewhere.


    If you don’t already have the Adobe software you could get a MacBook and buy software like Sketch and PixelMator which will do pretty much what you need for web work for a fraction of the cost. The money you’ll save not buying CS6 would cover the difference in price between a Mac + PC laptop.

    Or have you considered a second-hand MacBook? I have a 2010, 15″ MacBook Pro ( i5 processor ) running Mountain Lion without any problems and apparently if you stick an SSD drive in there it’ll be almost as good as new speed wise…


    What everything above sounds like:

    “I like Macs rabble rabble rabble.”

    “I like Windows rabble rabble rabble.”

    To the OP: almost *any* computer made today will be able to handle any web development task thrown at it.

    To everyone else: who gives a shit about Windows vs Mac. Buy whatever *you* want and stop wasting everyone else’s time with your arguments.



    @ TheDoc : Couldn’t agree more. Just sounds like a bunch of people trying to validate their decision. Sorry peoples if I offend, but I’ve heard it all before over and over.

    I’m surprised no one asked the important question: What kind of web programming are you doing? Frontend or Backend or both? Your answer to that will make one system easier than the other.

    I use both Macs and PCs.


    >who gives a shit about Windows vs Mac.

    #####+1 !

    Linux FTW :p


    > Linux FTW :p

    hahahaha don’t twist my words, @traq! ;)


    > What everything above sounds like:

    >”I like Macs rabble rabble rabble.”

    >”I like Windows rabble rabble rabble.”

    I don’t agree. Reading the above most of it sounds quite balanced to me with good suggestions about spec.

    For myself I responded to the OP saying he preferred Macs so offered a couple of solutions he may not have thought about particularly as the laptop he links to doesn’t seem to be available anymore.


    The answer to the OP’s question was “Yes”.

    Everything else is pretty much irrelevant.


    >The answer to the OP’s question was “Yes”.

    >Everything else is pretty much irrelevant.

    joking aside, agreed. You can do web dev on basically anything that boots.


    >Performance. Write code, working in Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, watch videos etc.

    “Write code” qualifies as web programming; “Photoshop” is a related (but distinct) endeavor. I don’t see where “watch videos” fits in.


    I love my xps 12 cause its shiny, its new, I can touch it, and when I flip it around in public everyone goes “ooooooooooohhh, ahhhhhhhhhh”. Its great for presenting to clients too.

    My advice on buying a new computer, go to best buy or some other store, play with a few laptops, buy the one you feel most comfortable with. I cant stress enough actually typing and viewing the screen on a laptop before you buy it.


    Thanks for your answers.

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