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  • # June 14, 2013 at 9:30 am

    i followed your lead, but i am getting an error message while installing says “ERROR: While executing gem … (OpenSSl::SSL::SSlError)
    SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server hello A: sslv3 alert illegal parameter”
    I had the same error message while installing sass, but later it worked.

    # July 3, 2014 at 2:54 am

    Hello everybody,

    I have a simple issue with scout and my compass/sass project.

    Scout is using it’s own gem directory and does not find the ruby directory.
    For example, i have installed twitter-bootstrap gem and it went in my ruby->gems directory
    I find it when in my console i try: gem -v bootstrap-sass

    But when i launch scout application and trying to compile, it keeps telling me it can’t find the gem:

    LoadError on line 1038 of org/jruby/ no such file to load — bootstrap-sass
    C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/configuration/data.rb:161:in require' C:\workspace\www\test_bootstrap_sass\config.rb:20:inparse_string’ org/jruby/ eval' C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/configuration/serialization.rb:24:inparse_string’ C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/configuration/serialization.rb:15:in _parse' org/jruby/’
    org/jruby/ open' C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/configuration/serialization.rb:14:in_parse’ C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/configuration/file_data.rb:7:in new_from_file' C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/configuration/inheritance.rb:204:inwith_defaults’ C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/configuration/file_data.rb:6:in new_from_file' C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/configuration/helpers.rb:42:inconfiguration_for’ C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/configuration/helpers.rb:97:in add_project_configuration' C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/commands/project_base.rb:31:inadd_project_configuration’ C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/commands/project_base.rb:25:in configure!' C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/commands/project_base.rb:15:ininitialize’ C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/commands/update_project.rb:37:in initialize' C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/exec/sub_command_ui.rb:42:inperform!’ C:/Program Files/Scout/vendor/gems/gems/compass-0.12.2/lib/compass/exec/sub_command_ui.rb:15:in run!' C:\Program Files\Scout\bin\compass:12:in(root)’

    As you can see scout does not target the ruby directory path for gems.
    How can i change this?


    # July 3, 2014 at 3:16 am

    Scout has not been maintained for some time, I believe.

    I think a lot of people have moved on to other options like Prepros.

    I hope someone can assist with your issue which might have been better as a new question rather than tagging on to an old one.

    # July 3, 2014 at 8:36 am

    I was having a headache finding a solution for this in windows env and finally found Prepros.
    It saved my day, i can now use my custom ruby install and gems and everything is just fine now.

    I don’t even need the paid features for this software. I strongly recommend it.

    # April 20, 2016 at 4:24 am

    After two days of installing ruby, ruby devKit, lots of gems and lots of extensions to Cygwin on Windows:

    $ gem install compass
    Building native extensions. This could take a while…
    Successfully installed ffi-1.9.10
    ERROR: Error installing compass:
    rb-inotify requires ffi (>= 0.5.0)


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