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    TL;DR: How do I convince my bosses that WordPress is NOT for everything?

    A little bit of background information before I get into my concerns. I work for a company that works with contracts from hotels. The hotel offers rooms at a lower rate than Online Travel Agency (OTA) and we agree to fill those rooms. We do mostly pay per click campaigning on Google Adwords and when users land on our websites, they have to tall to get the offers we are selling: we have no online portal yet. Our WordPress websites are a mix of poor CSS, lots of bloat HTML, many plugin style sheets, and even our google reps are helping us to tell us why our websites load slowly.

    Me, I’m the only web developer on the team and have stressed these issues of WordPress to my supervisors. However, all my warnings and suggestions go unheeded and I have to move forward with building shortcodes to manage our packages. We are now getting into Facebook and Social Media and the company wants me to place events on all the buttons and trigger ‘ViewContent’ on button clicks. However, the buttons are made from the Theme and the work around I had to use was the class and id attibute settings.

    We have at least 6 websites for our Orlando destination. Each website is maintained in its own instance. So, if there is a price change, I have a minimum of 6 websites I have to go in and update a package price for. Each labeled differently, and each with a different post_type ID.

    I suggested a central database and the use of caching for our ever changing prices and seasonal pricing needs. However, my supervisor wants to use a WordPress install with an API plugin he found to turn WordPress into a REST API for our pricing.

    How do I tell my boss that WordPress is not a long term solution? We also lack a definitive business model and process as well so constant changes are a thing here and the excuse I have been given is that “The theme you found is flexible to our needs”.

    Wordpress definitely has a place. I like the ease of use it is for small business decisions and fairly simple business models. However, WordPress for me is not a long term, large buiness solution.

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