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    I just launched my new site…..if you guys could give me some ideas on how to make it better it would be great. Im semi-new to web designing so im trying to start out small…maybe get a few more clients for basic stuff..

    [check us out]( “check us out”)

    any criticsm woul be great..thanks guys

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    First of all, the page looks quite nice.

    Now the problems:


    1. Have you ever viewed your homepage on a display with 1280 width or lower? The text on the slides is cut off.

    2. The box for “SERVICES” could use a little more padding on the left and right sides. Looks a little unbalanced.

    3. Same with the footer, but here it is the top padding.

    4. Why do the social links have a different font than the rest of the site? Doesn’t really fit.

    5. What’s with the flashing hover states? Get rid of that :D


    1. When I clicked on one of the categories, I was slightly confused at first. Didn’t see immediately where the nav went. Maybe you should make it stand out more.

    2. Make an active state that stands out. Your visitors can’t see where they are at the moment.

    3. The contact link is different from the others. The icon is always big, no zoom on hover.


    1. Veeeeeeeeery low contrast. You should change that.

    2. When I hover one of the team member images, the slider should pause – and not just move my selection off screen while I’m looking at it. The same is true for every other slider

    Folio and Blog:

    The sliding “+” on the images are very confusing, especially because I can still click the rest of the images. I would give the images a hand cursor so that I know I can click them. And maybe get rid of the “+” altogether.

    The same stands for the sidebar nav. The boxes have a hand cursor, the icons don’t

    Contact -> On the map:

    How about displaying your address?

    When I zoom in on the map, your site shouldn’t scroll. You might be missing a preventDefault

    Hope I could help!

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    First thing I noticed, is after a slide changes I must click the back button in my browser a ton of times to get out of the site. Very annoying.

    I like the overall design, is that first slide an Photodune item?

    I think instead of the menu items growing on hover, maybe just a background color change for them, but maybe that’s just me.

    Keep up the good work.

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    thanks so much for the commentsguys…i went and changed most of them,….still working on a few..and others i have no idea where to start lol like i noticed the slides with the having to hit the back button a million times…shit lol…no clue how to fix that…im using superslides

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    the problem is that it has a moving..and completely separate text box on it so in essence id lose the sliding text box…any ideas?

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