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    Hi guys.
    Hopefully you could help me with this one.
    I have a comment thread that if someone goes and comments on it, they will get the first reply visible but after that I will need something that wraps the .depth-2 comments that are not from an admin and be able to collapse them by clicking on More Comments link.
    I have started with this

    $('.commentlist .depth-2:not(.byuser)').wrap('

    More Comments

    $('.collapse-comments .depth-2').wrap('

    but the problem is I get a More Comments link per each comment and my objective is wrapping the all div having in mind that i have multiple classes with the same name.

    First Comment by guest (visible)

    Second Comment By Admin (visible)

    First Hidden Comment

    Second Hidden Comment

    thks guys

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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