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    The situation I would like to create is as following:
    – Have a css file with several (lets say 10) animations ready like fadein, fadeout, roll-left, roll-right etc.
    – Create an div element with class=’fadein roll-left’ I want this element to fadein and roll-left.

    I want this to be accomplished without creating a .fadein.roll-left class because when I’ve got 10 animations I need to make (something like?) 10^10 classes to be able to get all the variations?

    Here is a codepen for better explanation:

    In short my question is: is there any way to ‘merge’ multiple animation-name: …; instead of overwriting the other.

    Hope my question is clear, thanks.

    # March 29, 2014 at 5:34 am

    Not that I am aware of although you might wan to look into animate.css

    With the level of complexity you seem to have I would seriously be looking into Jquery animation functions more closely.

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