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    im working on a site that will be powered by wordpress. the clients are going to log in, create new posts with images and the images need to float to the right and stack creating a virtual column next to the content. problem is.. i dont think i can wrap this in a div. im pretty sure, for their sake, i really need something like img { float:right;} but when i do things of that nature, it puts them next to eachother. to make matters worse this is a 3 column site. so i cant add any clear:right rules bc the whole center column clears the right one. not good.

    i have the effect i need if i wrap all the images in a div and then apply a br after each image.. but i have a feeling this wont work bc theyre going to log in, type away and then want the images floated creating a "4th column" in the middle.

    so… if anybody can tell me how to make a stack of images alight to the right of a container div, stay in a stack/column form and have 10px of top and bottom margin each,

    ill be forever in your debt.

    really cant figure out how to do this without the div and telling them to switch to html view, code in a div with a class name, and then put all the images in that, then back to text mode and type their post just isnt gonna work


    possibly.. but not if it involves them in working with any code :/


    I agree with Chris on this one: Try out the custom fields and see what you can make out of that. Check out this link, on WordPress’ own codex:

    "Adam" wrote:
    you could set up the wordpress buttons they could do it with them instead of coding.

    that sounds a little more advanced than i am with wordpress. infact im quite limited with it. ive been a textpattern user and im switching, however this site is for my job and i think we’re going to want to start using wordpress for various things instead of building custom cms’s all the time.


    thanks guys, the custom fields sounds like it could work.

    if it were just one image though that wouldnt be a problem i envision this client wanting to add 5 images and more to one post and if i float them all, and theyre stacked, they do that stair stepper thing instead of staying in a column.

    you guys think the custom field will keep more than one image stacked?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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