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    Hi all

    First time poster! I’ve been using a base template for my site ( albeit have heavily edited the CSS.

    I’ve been trying to get some support from the template creators on a specific layout issue but they’re being less than helpful so thought I’d try this friendly bunch :)

    The issue I’m having is at It’s a Joomla based site and I’m trying to show modules in the right column whilst showing the blog component in the left.

    However when I try to do this the modules (at present I’ve enabled a simple archive module but do want some advertising links) appears right at the bottom of the page (….keep scrolling down….) rather than in the correct position. You can also see when you’re at the bottom that the footer menu also gets screwed up which I’m assuming is connected.

    I’m assuming this is a CSS issue but have been playing around with it in firebug to no avail. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!



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    Offhand, I don’t think it’s a CSS issue, I think it’s probably more like a theme/template issue determining where the sidebar columns appears in the HTML.

    At the moment it’s buried pretty deep.

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    1) Right column is in middle-column container – move it outside:

    2) Remove the width of #outer-column-container i.e 180px
    3) Move the footer out of the wrapper div.

    Optimize html and css.

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    Thanks for the initial thoughts – I’m not an expert by any means but I’ll have a play about!

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