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    I have a website which I use to post galleries of photos and I currently have a problem because IE8 is rendering colours differently from Firefox. In partucular, red colours ars what I describe as garishly oversaturated in IE8. Sometimes greens care a little that way, but not nearly so much as the reds.

    I run Windows XP and normally use Firefox (Version 3.0.14) as my browser, but also use IE8 ( Version 8.0.6001.18702) to check the website presentation. We have a second PC at home which is still using IE7 with Windows Vista, and the colours there are good, very much like Firefox and not at all like IE8.

    I read an item in your forums re color profiles and used Photoshop CS4 Edit/Convert to profile… to take one photo and try various profiles (I normally use sRGB). I have uploaded a small folder to my website with the same photo using four different colour profiles.

    The diferences between the profiles is minimal, if any, when using a single browser. But the differences between the Firefox rendering of colours and the IE8 rendering are always there. I do notice that the difference between Firefox rendering and IE8 rendering is less when the profile is Adobe RGB, but there is still a significant difference.

    I have attempted to attach a screenshot of the Firefox image and the IE8 image side by side, but .doc or .docx formats aren’t being accepted. However, the small test file om my website can be accessed at That displays thumbnails – I have included the colour profile used in the description below each thumbnail. Clicking on the thumbnail will display the larger photo – the colour profile used is below the photo on that display as well.

    Another serious example of the sifferences can be seen on the page at … s/013.html – the Firefox rendering and the IE8 rendering are way apart.

    As I mentioned earlier, there is sometimes a slight difference in greens, but not enough to get me concerned. It’s the reds where IE8 goes out of control!

    Any help or guidance would be appreciated, because this is driving me nuts! Thanks in anticipation.


    I’d suggest looking at either of these two posts, which discuss color profiles on the web: … lor-shift/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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