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    My Website is : (

    I have a couple of questions :

    1.) Do different shades of grey count in design as part of the main group of colors of a website OR do grey colors not count since they are neural ? like for example if I went on a color wheel and picked out a triad design of 3 colors, would it effect the flow of my design if I added 2 slightly different shades of grey ( in addition to the 3 triad colors) ?

    2.) Would it still flow as it should? Or does my triad design have to include grey … meaning in order for it to flow I cant just add these grey neural colors or it will ruin the flow in the design and look odd?


    Think you mean neutral instead of neural – noticed you said it twice or I wouldn’t mention. Different shades of grey should be OK as long as they aren’t too similar to each other.
    For finding good color scheme with colors that work together try out this website I found.


    O thanks for catching that :-) I already use that website actually , but would it matter if I added shades of grey to a color scheme that is generated from that website ? Would that make the design not be a triad?:

    For example- I click generate and it gives me a blue, red, and green for the triad. Would this look bad or not follow rules of design if I added 2 different shades of grey? So it would be: blue, red, green, grey1, grey 2 ?


    i think you didnt explore Adobe Kuler


    In my opinion, there’s too much white background (tiresome for eyes).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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