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    Hello friends,
    I posted my first post on CSS-Tricks forum to get a feedback on my first site :) "Codepal-My First Step in the world of Web Designing" . Everyone gave me awesome feedback and I made new friends through that post too :)

    Now after nine months of learning new things and developing my skills a bit, I finally managed to re-design a new layout for my site.This new design is improvised and based on a layout which Collis taught in a tutorial on [It can be found here] My previous site was a static site so this time I also planned to shift it to wordpress and implement a blog within it.

    I still need to design a proper main navigation bar and I could surely use some ideas as to what kind of a navigation bar would look great with the over all theme of the site. At present, the navigation bar just has a rough tabbed styled design. I still haven’t fixed the site in IE6, so it gets a bit messed up in that :( [when will IE6 die ? !]

    Here is the Link to the redesigned site

    I would just love it if you guys can go through my site and give me feedbacks,tips and suggestions on how to improve it further.

    Thanks a ton!

    ~Sumeet Chawla


    Looks fantastic Sumeet, can’t really find anything to criticize.

    Love the Twitter box in the footer.

    I tweeted the site as well. (@Pliggs / @faqpal)


    Thanks FAQPAL, specially for tweeting about it :) Its not complete yet though.. May be you can suggest me some thing on how to improve the navigation bar?

    By the way, I got the twitter box inspiration from here. I also got the social icons from there but instead of putting them just like that, I innovated a bit and got that effect..


    Well done – very nice site. It could be my old tired eyes but your tagline "A very friendly coding service’ is too small and difficult to read. Other than that – I think it looks awesome.


    Thanks guys :)
    I improved the navigation bar a bit. The logo is actually a raster image. I am not th at good with the pen tool, so i just rasterized the text and then added shapes to join them together lol. I will redo the whole logo in vector format and then try to save it. I will fix the tag line too..


    Ok guys I have fixed the logo and the tag line. I also added a logo which I created lol.. Reviews please :D

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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