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    Ya, I’m late in the party…

    I am going to get started on using CSS preprocessing in my next project(s) and would like to know if there is a way to get Codekit to minify plain-ol CSS files for a project which I’m already 1/2 done.

    I’d rather not get into preprocessing unless I’m starting something new, but would like to minify some things if possible.

    Also, when I set the suffix of JS files (-ck changed to -min), the files still compress with -ck.
    I’ve closed the app and restarted, removed the project and re-added it, still same suffix. Am I missing something?


    I haven’t tried making codekit do that, but keep in mind – starting into something like less or scss is super-easy because valid CSS IS valid syntax for those languages.

    Just create a less (or scss) file, copy your existing css over, point Codekit at it and let it do its thing. You can learn the pre-processor at your own speed, as your project allows.


    > to minify plain-ol CSS files for a project which I’m already 1/2 done.

    Why not complete the project and then minify all of your assets for production. Unless you are ready to deploy, I don’t see any reason for minifying anything.

    But I’m sure if you dig around Codekit you will find compression settings for CSS. Maybe someone with experience with Codekit can chime in. I’m on Linux.


    Glad we could help. =)


    Take a look at [320andup scss-compass files](

    See how “320andup-scss-compass.scss” file imports all the stylesheets into one file.

    This way you can organize your code.

    If you need to move CSS code into SCSS just simply create new file “mycoolfile.scss” and copy the CSS as is, or rewrite it so that is represented in SCSS format. Then just compile the file.


    >I assume it’s because compass thinks that all my css and scss files should be in a single folder rather than in bits and pieces throughout the site.

    You should keep all of your files in appropriate folders. If you try to modify some code 6 months from now, will you remember where the file is located? If you develop solid structure to the way you organize files; will only make your coding experience easier.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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