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    Does anyone happen to have Coda2 and has also happened to play around with the Git integration? I’m kinda at the point now of wondering if I should start seriously thinking about using Sublime Text as I move more into version control, using Git, etc. But I am still a pretty avid fan of Coda and I’ve been trying to do some basic research on the next version and what it might bring to the table if anyone has any experience with it.

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    Sorry, Josh, I jumped ship to ST2 before Coda 2 came into beta. I think they lost a lot of customers by delaying. I’d be interested in hearing what you come across, though!

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    Well, from what I can tell – if you look at workflow that Chris came up with in that screencast and various people have been talking about, Coda2 completely replaces the need for Beanstalk. That would mean Coda2 + Tower + Git would do the job.

    I don’t know for sure if that’s the case, but if it is, that sounds more appealing to me than ST2 + Beastalk + Tower + Git

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