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    hi there,

    I am currently working on my portfolio site and there are a few things I am trying to implement.
    The first one is a coda slider for my gallery..

    here’s my design:

    here are the plugin: … ng-jquery/

    i just need a push in the right direction, thanks

    if you have any other suggestions, please do so



    jQuery for Designers has a great tutorial on creating an infinite carousel.

    If you need help with the jQuery, I will help you.



    thanks for the reply… so lets go ahead and get into the meat of the problem.

    On my site,, I am working on the webdesign section.

    here is what I am trying to do with jquery coda slider

    my best option is:
    (example four)

    Why example four? (well the author of the plugin suggested it) :D

    the area in which I am trying to place this div is highllighted in purple.

    i’ve tried going through the steps to implement the codes into my html file, but for some reason it goes wrong.

    if you look at my other pages, the txt and div are generally placed by an "absolute" position. So i plan on doing the same thing for the the webdesign section as well. I know this isn’t the proper way to do it.
    And yes, I am also a designer first, programmer second…And also, I am using dreamweaver.

    I am okay with javascript, but I can’t seem to get it right. I hope everything is clear. I am looking to get help with the codes (how to string it up) on both side, css and the appropriate way to attach the .js files with the .html file..

    any help will do…


    thanks for reading my post.


    I will help you build the slider, but I’m in my last week before Thanksgiving break and I have a few tests that I need to study for so I can’t work on it right now. But I’m free this next week so hopefully I can help you make your coda slider.

    I took the code on your website and improved the navigation (made it into one sprite) and optimized some of the CSS. I’m planing on making a video explaining what I changed and why I changed it.

    // Here’s an example of your site (It looks the same other than the links don’t work)

    – Baylor



    thanks a lot for your help. i will try to implement your sprite image for my nav rollovers.
    looking forward to the help



    I’m sorry for the long wait. I’ve been away from my computer and didn’t get a chance to upload the files.

    I’ve uploaded the final to my website

    and the zip

    I built a coda slider from scratch because it was easier for me to customize it, and I’ve put it into a plugin.

    Usage: [jQuery]

    speed: ‘normal’, // supports jQuery [‘slow’, ‘normal’, ‘fast’] and milliseconds
    easing: ‘swing’ // all easing functions from the easing file, but most of them are buggy

    and the html markup

    Css Tricks
    Net Tuts

    End of Portfolio

    Go To The Beginning


    Let me know what you think,




    pm me your address. someone needs to send you holiday cookies.

    _threedash, (i looked at the example. it’s exactly what I am looking for) let me dig into it some more.


    I have a coda slider installed on a page I am working on but I can not figure out how to get it to work correctly. The thumb nails under it are stacked and I can not figure out why.

    Any help?
    This is the URL

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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