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    I am deciding between a CMS or custom code…here’s what I need:

    This is the sales site where people sign up for an account and it creates an independent templated site (under directory or sub domain of main site)

    MINI SITES – all the same, independent with individual login etc. (but may login from main site?)
    From this sub domain or directory the user signs in (need forgot password / remember me etc.) and edit their text / upload images etc..

    Trying to explain it better:

    Think of Myspace, you go to the main page sign up for a new account, choose you site name ( then can log into the account and edit the details on you page and upload image etc.

    it will be a lot simpler than myspace that’s just an example, it will have a number of pages (text and images) but wont have any of the interactivity/messaging between friends.

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    You could do it with custom code but that would be a lot of work, especially if security is a concern.

    You could also use Drupal which allows you to host multiple sites off a single installation and takes care of the security for you.

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