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    I am curious to hear from the experts on this one. When working in a CMS (Drupal, in my case) how often do you create classes for unique, single-page elements, vs just styling something inline?

    My example: I needed to specify a background image for a div. I just styled the div inline, since that particular image was only going to be used on that page. Disclaimer: this is on my company’s corporate site – not a blog or personal site.

    How often does that happen to you, and how do you handle it?


    I definitely never use any inline styles. I also would never have a div go into the content area, what could the use be? If it’s a custom template, then it should be as such.


    When I create some custom graphics for a landing page, I don’t necessarily want to create an entirely new template. Since I’m really a one-man shop, I designed all our content templates to be very flexible, so I can do whatever I want within a certain area.

    The page I’m referring to in the initial post is here:

    Could be that I’m not following best-practices, but it works for me, being the content creator, the graphics designer, and the webmaster. I also use divs in the content areas all the time – to float images, for example.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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