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    how can i make a complete cms like WordPress any help or guide line for it please help me i want to choose it as my final project


    This is a really tough question you got there.
    Depending on what kind of scripting or programming language you wan’t to use. (WordPress, TYPO3, etc build upon PHP), you can either go with a framework (there are a TON! symfony, cakephp, FLOW)

    I began a Framework out of fun to build my CMS on it, it is a tedious piece of work when you think about the components you need for your CMS.
    Depending on how much features you need, maybe take a look into some open source CMS like TYPO3 or if you need something more lightweight, you better find some kind of lightCMS OS alternative.

    My current PHP Framework System (soon on github) does currently feature the following, without naming every file I have:

    1. try to include only two files – the bootstrapper which launches all my other script within a class, and the ObjectHandler that is launched within the Bootstrapper (initializeRepository)

    2. initialize all System/Utility Classes such as ObjectHandler, Benchmark, FileHandler, Packager System,

    3. initialize Packaging, the Packaging System takes care of how to handle Modules/Plugins/Extensions/Packages or whatever you call them. Even the Template Rendering Engine is a Package and needs to be initialized.
    I do so with my self built Packager Class that utilizes the ObjectHandler to arrange a matrix of Namespace -> Package -> MVC System -> Controller -> Action

    4. Get a per Package MVC Session – MVC – Model/View/Control is an elaborate system to organize code and agenda such as that:
    M: the Model takes care about the Database Inputs and preserves them as object (Object Rational Mapper -> Vendor/Doctrine)
    V: The View consists of a per Controller/Action template that can consist of viewhelper that can be parsed by my own templating Engine
    C: Your Controller – you try to get your code as slim as possible here. I also do a dependency injection through my Model Repository so I can access the commands easily like $projects = $this->model->getAll(); $this->view->assign(‘variable’, $projects);

    5. get the Config file and run the Packager through the System Extensions I have defined.

    This is just the basic system to build my packages on it. Yet I am VERY far away from something that is a CMS.

    It is your task to think about how you tackle various problems such like Namespaces, Package Handling, Exceptions and all that stuff. You can even go for another system than MVC and think of something on your own.
    Creating a CMS is truly a task that doesn’t happen in just a few days, depending on the features you need.

    Kitty Giraudel

    A few notes on building a CMS, which is definitely a huge task:

    1) You better know some Object Oriented PHP ; I say PHP because there are high changes you’ll build it with PHP but it’s really not about the language. Whatever you will use, don’t think of doing it the procedural way; I did it once and looking back at it now, I can see what a mess it was.

    2) You better do some (if not a lot of) conception before even starting to think about code (UML or whatever you feel comfortable with). Seriously, this is like the most important part in the whole project. If you jump on the code, you will not only do a lot of mistakes but also prevent your application to grow and evolve.

    Think about everything you want your site/app to be able to do. Write and draw things on paper. Not the way it looks -this is not important- but the way it is structured. What will be the components, what interfaces will you use, what connection between classes, and so on. I’ve done a lot of UML this year (not that I like it) and I can assure you this is a key-step to a powerful site/application.

    3) Building a WordPress-like CMS is not only extremely long but also quite difficult; in the end, your major issue will be security which will -unfortunately- probably suck. If you ask me, there are two reasons that would push you to build your own CMS: 1) you want to know how does this kind of thing work and then I think it’s a very good idea; we learn better by doing. 2) you want a tiny little CMS and not a Rube Goldberg machine and this sounds like a reasonable idea (even if I’m pretty sure you can find something appropriate for your need out there).

    Good luck.


    thanx to all for you comments but am doing it for my final project o my bs degree in CS so i want to make it a little more then the present cms which are working already so , i want to so a little bit more actually


    all of you highlighted good points but what do all of you think i may choose it for my final project of not?


    > How many hours years is your final project supposed to be?

    Kitty Giraudel

    It depends on what you are being asked to do.


    I don’t think you would need years for something small but functional, but it would help if you already know PHP or something.


    >what do all of you think i may choose it for my final project of not?

    I think, “if you have to ask,” then it is not a reasonable undertaking.

    Kitty Giraudel

    Bumping this up because this on-topic article is amazing:


    >_OMG, we just wrote a CMS!_

    that’s it.

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