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    It’s by no means completed but I would like some feedback. I am still playing around with the style of the content area so that explains the ‘About Us’ page.


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    First of all, congrats and thanks for taking the trouble to validate your HTML (and for the most part your CSS – looks like whatever CSS “errors” are reported aren’t really errors). Too bad more people can’t be bothered with this before asking for help.

    I’ll leave detailed, technical feedback to others more qualified. But visually, I gotta say that I find the semi-opaque purplish overlay very unappealing, even disturbing enough to make me want to avoid the site.

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    Also those huge images really slow down the page load time.

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    nice. the images could be optimized, yes.
    the thing that I screamed was, “Don’t use whitespace in your URLs!”

    are you writing the copy, or is it provided? (is what’s there now temporary?)

    Make all of the styles consistent. The ‘About Us’ page looks odd because it’s radically different than anything else on the site. Consider using a text container like the ones on all your other pages.

    – css before javascript
    – configure your host to use gzip output compression
    – set cache-control headers

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Yeah I am just testing it on a server right now, so ignore the white space in the URL, it won’t be there when it is released!

    Does anyone have any ideas for the content area? I am playing around with ideas (hence the About Us page being white). I am undecided as to what looks better. I am not sure if it is the purple background that makes it look unappealing or not.


    # September 6, 2012 at 2:45 pm

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    Okay I have transfered the website onto it’s own server so it’s a bit more snappier.

    # September 6, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Nice work, @jshjohnson. One thing I would suggest is to try and get that background down a bit more in file size. That or wait for the content to load, then display it. It would look much smoother.

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