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    Hi CSS-Tricksters!

    Like many, over the past 8 years I have been performing a limited amount of freelance web design on the side for word of mouth clients.

    I don’t exactly pursue work, but I enjoy web design and am happy for the extra cash when someone comes to me for a website. I probably build 5 websites a year on average, and have utilized WordPress for the past 3 years.

    3 Years ago i created a one page site using HTML5 and CSS3. It was my first foray into HTML5, and since it was a small static site, I did not utilize wordpress. The client was a friend of a friend who needed a small website for his self-owned business. The site turned out really great (imo), and the client was very pleased. At this point in my freelance career my contracts and agreements were very elementary, and did not define the exact uses and limitations of the client/designer relationship. I have hosted the site on my own servers for the past 3 years, invoicing the client semi-annually for the space. The client reserved/manages the domain.

    The client has just informed me that he no longer requires my hosting service, and explained that he had a friend that was going to make some updates to the site. He went on to explain that the “friend” had downloaded the site, and had re-hosted it and redirected the domain. Sure enough, it turns out that the site i created is no longer forwarding from the domain to my server, and is being hosted by the friend.

    I feel taken advantage of. Honestly I am a noob to the whole ethics of this issue, and so I do not understand whether I am justified in being upset, or whether the websites was actually the clients to take…. I know that it doesn’t taste right, and I understand that i complicated things by not defining ownership of the site clearly in my agreement with the client originally.

    Maybe this is something that happens, maybe not. I am just wondering if I am justified, and if I am, what am I supposed to do about it. I honestly do not believe that there was anything sinister done on the part of the client? We are on good terms, and I have not mentioned my feelings about this to him.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    whether the websites was actually the clients to take

    Yes, it absolutely was.

    Simply put…

    You were paid to design the site (which you did) and then had an additional deal to host the site.

    If the client chooses to terminate the hosting that’s entirely reasonable.

    Let’s say you’re a struggling artist…I pay you to paint my portrait…you do and I pay you for it…it’s still my picture.

    I might even let you hang it in your gallery (because I don’t have anywhere to hang my picture at the time)…but time moves on and I get a bigger house with plenty of empty wallspace…..I come to you and ask for my picture to hang on my wall….do you feel taken advantage of now?

    No…of course not….

    Same principle applies here. Move on.


    Yeah, it sounds to me like the client just wanted to switch hosting services… I’m sure many of us have moved a site from one host to another at some point.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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