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    O.k., this is my first time stopping in. I was wondering if anyone had a simple, yet effective questionnaire for new client work? This will be for a front-end design job for someone looking for a web site for their business. It happens to be my g/f’s step mom who asked if I could build her a web site for her business, and this will be my chance to work on something for my portfolio. She want’s to know how much I’ll charge so I want to send her some type on questionnaire first, to get a better idea of what she’s looking for, then I can go ahead and decide on what or how to charge her. This will also allow me to do things the correct way and learn.

    Any suggestions, will be greatly appreciated.




    Questionnaires won’t (IMO) get you what you want. You have to sit down with the Client and TALK to them. A questionnaire designed by you will tend to get you answers that YOU think are important and your priorities will be different from the clients.

    Ask them for some sites that are similar to the look and feel the way the client wants their site to feel. It doesn’t have to be whole pages, it could be just a single element on the page. If they like something ask them WHY they like it.

    An open-ended dialogue is many times better than a static questionnaire.


    Design is about solving problems. You shouldn’t open up clients to design questions as it can lead to bad decisions.


    Thanks guys!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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