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    I’m thinking of creating a feedback survey for clients to fill out after I have finished their websites. It would be used to find out information such as how they heard about my business, etc. Has anyone else done this sort of thing? What sort of questions do you ask?

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    I think that the question about how they heard about you should be one of the very first things you ask. On the phone or via email, always get who referred them so that you can thank that person and so that you know what advertising you are doing is working.

    My feedback form that I give post project is on my thank you postcard that I send out. It includes 5 things:

    Did you feel that [business name] really understood the needs of your business and proposed solution represented that understanding?

    Did you feel that you were well educated on what [business name] was doing throughout the project?

    Were you satisfied with the level of communication provided by [business name]?

    Were there any particular processes or elements within the [business name] project process that you felt were either very strong or very poor?

    If you could change anything about how the project, please describe what you would change:

    I think you’ll find that most business owners are not interested in working with perfect people, but they are interested in working with honest people willing to fix what is broken be up front with you. Most people get that problems happen, but everyone hates someone who doesn’t handle problems the right way. And many business owners can probably identify with many of the shortcomings you have in your own business and secretly may applaud you for being proactive to change them.

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