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    Hey everyone! I’ve recently moved to a new company that has ~6yr history of websites on various hosting setups, domain name registrars, etc. There might be 40-60 domains in all, and I’m working on a “process” ensure we don’t cause headaches with clients, my scenario specifically relates to how we manage ownership of domain names.

    An example: we have a client that has a domain that was purchased by Agency 1 a few months back. client is now working with us Agency 2 to design, develop, and maintain their new site. Agency 1 is requesting to transfer ownership of the domain to us Agency 2 and I don’t feel totally comfortable due to the chaos that ensues when no-one knows who owns what, who has access, and who pays for what (also maybe legal issues? I’m not sure, but am not interested in taking a deep dive).

    I’ve worked in scenarios (with hosting) when using MediaTemple where we setup an account for client and both Agency 1 and Agency 2 were easily able to access but were totally hands off with billing.

    I would prefer that client always has ownership, while allowing access to any party involved.

    What have you done that has had repeated success? Is there something I’m leaving out that I really should be paying attention to? Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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