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    so much good stuff here. thanks everyone, especially for the links @chrisburton and @CrocoDillon

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    Yeah thanks guys

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    > I’m interested in learning more about “the spec”, if you want to elaborate please do.

    Well, “the spec” is the part that describes the goals and requirements of the project. I try to keep it in simple, understandable terms; things the client can see from the “front” of the website. I incorporate everything we discuss in our initial “creative” phase, as well as anything I need or feel might need clarification.

    For example, define what users should be able to do:

    > *Registered Users will be able to upload photos, write descriptions / sales lines, and provide details about items they wish to sell.*

    Expound on what that involves, creating a functional objective:

    > *A multi-step form for signed-in users to enter information about items they would like to sell, including image uploading and cropping.

    Ad fields:
    … category, description, designer, vintage, receipt/ proof of purchase, item condition
    … image uploads (3)
    … item size/ measurements (you will need to provide details as to what info you want included)*

    Basically, it’s an outline (like you might write in English class) of the project “deliverables.” It doesn’t need to be complicated or describe implementation details, but it does need to be clear and easy to read (and, above all, not conflict with itself). Where something might be open to interpretation, make sure you explain it – this is especially important where you have discussed several options for a particular item, but decided not to include all of them.

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    Thanks for the explaination @traq!

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