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    Good evening all,

    I am wrestling with two issues that I’ve been unable to resolve.

    This is on my home-brewed responsive test site.

    For the first issue, which involves the mobile menu behavior, you’ll need to resize the window below 1024px or use a mobile device.

    When I click the close icon to close the menu the page jumps up slightly. This occurs each time the close icon is clicked while opening and closing the menu. It doesn’t jump to the top of the page…it simply moves upward slightly each time.

    My Test Site

    The second and more difficult to repeat issue occurs when clicking the menu links while the window is sized > 1024px on a non-mobile device. Clicking the links causes some or all of them to disappear….until I move the mouse up and down over the menu area. Then they are redrawn on the screen. It’s inconsistent behavior so I’ve not been able to nail it down.

    I’m using the latest Chome, Safari and Firefox on OS X 10.9 as well as a couple phones running the latest Android.


    It’s because you have position fixed applied to it. And your hash is changing each time transitioning from #nav to #toggleMenu so it’s jumping between those two points. But since one is fixed it keeps the page jumping down.


    Thank you very much for the response, Alen, I appreciate it.

    Well that’s a bummer. I had to fix #nav and #togglemenu to pull off the effect. No big deal I guess I can live with that.

    Any idea why the list elements sometimes go invisible like they do?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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