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  • # December 15, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Hello everyone, i am new to web designing, just starting out reading up on html5 and php java etc, i got myself a domain and site name, am using it to test and keep my files online.

    my site is base in wordpress (theme), custom design, skeleton as my responsive framework.

    take a look here {}

    as you can see i got an image to the right of the page, with a likethis plugin so people can click to show there love, but when i resize the page, the div that hold it plugin script moves out of place,

    all so on bigger screens the footer moves up the page and the splash image don’t touch the bottom of the page.
    if you press f11 you can see what i mean.

    also trying to create my blog page to look like a thumblr theme with custome post-type formats, any help of tutorial on this would be greatfull

    sorry for been a pain.

    thanks greg

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