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    Couple of questions and this Pen….

    1. When the page opens the login pop out is already, you know, popped out. How would I set it so that it is hidden upon page open?
    2. How would I set it so that you can click outside of the login box (anywhere on screen) to close it instead of having to press the sign in button to close?

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    # June 25, 2014 at 5:47 am
    1. Toggle it before the user does on page load / DOM ready $('#login').toggle();. You could set it to `display: none’ in CSS but if JavaScript is disabled they’ll never see the login box.
    2. See: and there is a small section that has a snippet:

    $(document).on('click', function(event) {
      if (!$('#menucontainer').length) {
        // Hide the menus.

    Which basically says “if the user didn’t click within #menucontainer then // Hide the menus“.


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