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    LOL… seriously :)
    after all those crazy methods of Clearing Floats, could there be anything more simple than a BR tag with native attribute “clear” :)))
    and don’t even think to write “there’s no such attribute” or “it’s depreciated”.. yet :)

    first of all, how did i found it:
    i was looking the video about Firebug that Chris has made a while ago, and chose Google to test my firebug.
    after a few minutes i was facing this:

    – WTF? :-O
    ..well, the best guess that i had before i googled it, was the CSS Attribute Selector (which is, by the way, maybe a better idea than

    but there wasn’t anything like it in CSS.

    but what’s amazed me is that i’ve been doing HTML for about 11 years, and never heard of this attribute… :) yet, to make sure i’ve looked up at w3schools, htmldog – both had nothing at all :-|

    after all, i found this page, which explains how this attribute works, and later i found out that it is a depreciated analogue of CSS style=”clear:both”.

    I’m writing all this to check whether you people use this stuff and is it better than clearing a div?

    since you know where i found it at first, i suppose there is a quite good reason they used exactly this method, so why wouldn’t we follow?

    btw, just in case, here’s all possible parameters:


    But.., but i want to say “it’s depreciated” :/


    well then say it Google’s programmers :)))
    and let me know what they responded ;-)

    personally for me, if Google (!!!) uses it, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s depreciated.. and by whom would it be depreciated on the first place? – W3C? – hahaha… :-
    W3c doesn’t matter anymore, since WHATWG is ruling the browsers (web).


    Not being too picky about where it is used – but it is not the homepage. I spent a few minutes looking for the ‘br’. I double checked you image, and it is from the Firefox start page.

    Is it Googles programming? Or Mozilla’s?

    Interesting find, with all the talk of HTML5 and new features – what are some of the old features that are still in use, despite being a long time depreciated…


    If you have a grid system, you wouldn’t need a br with clear: both. However, you may still want to have a clear class in your css for special situations. I would avoid that deprecated attribute or inline styles.


    clokey2k, omg, i’m sorry about that – indeed it was Mozilla Firefox Start Page, although Mozilla is a part of WHATWG anyway…

    do you think that different people code those pages? :-o

    Interesting find, with all the talk of HTML5 and new features
    there are many great features in older versions… yet many of them would sound like a joke these days;
    just today i was remembering the *font* tag and the way i used it all over the page 10 years ago :)))


    I think it’s better to keep styling to the css. I’ve moved away from


    , etc. works for me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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