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    Hi, I´m trying to make to divs from different classes change each others width. If I hover A i´ll change B´s width, and if I hover B i´ll change A´s width.

    I make it work the first way ( hover A) but for some reason I don´t know, because I´m new to css, nothing happens to A when I hover B.

    Here it goes

    Div a

    Div b



    I got it. I added some transforms and it works!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks a lot Kevin.

    Can I use this function inside wordpress? Where?
    Why transformation wont work in internet explorer?

    Andy Howells

    Is it not worth managing the animation just in JQuery anyway since it’s already in use? Transition/Transform support is non-existant in IE8/9 – so perhaps managing the width and the transition via .animate(); with JQuery might be a viable cross browser solution?


    How exactly should I use .animate();??????

    I have no idea. Can I add .animate() in my existing

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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