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    I’m having a problem figuring out why the ordering in my CSS classes a not working. If I’m not mistaken, the further down a class is in the style sheet the higher priority it will be given over the other classes. Am I wrong?

    Well my problem class is .gap-20px in misc2.css:

    (Split up because I don’t want this site google linked from here)

    When I check it in Firebug, I see .raise_picture p us getting a higher priority. Is this maybe something to do with the .gap-20px class being dynamically added by my jquery code?

    Another issue I’m having on the same site is with the image on this page: (on a test server)

    The image looks like its missing a strip on the right because of a "margin-left: -15px" rule. The rule should be overridden by a property in ".raise_picture img.size-full" in misc2.css. But even though misc2.css comes after layout.css, the rule in layout.css wants to take over.

    Thanks in advance

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    Man that’s a lot of divs!

    Your problem is specificity, an id is more powerful than a class so in your image example #main p img takes precedence over .raise_picture img.size-full.
    In the other example .raise_picture p wins because it refers specifically to a paragraph (p) with a class of .raise_picture while .gap-20px is just a generic class.

    Hope that makes sense. If you were ever a Star Wars fan you can download a handy "cheat sheet" here that explains it all rather well.

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    HAHAHA ROFL. That is absolutely genius. haha…. my sides hurt.

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    Many thanks Apostrophe.. Including the #main in the overriden selector solved the problem.

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