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    This is a website that I just finished for a local City Council candidate. In the past, I’ve just done design and development for friends and family, but I’m trying to start gaining some commercial experience. Let me know what you think!


    – This site really needs a lick of paint… and a logo/brand/something to remember Kelly by. If you were writing about a daredevil stunt double or a celebrity then subtlety of this level might still get a quick read, but for a councillor/politician… they already have a massive reputation for being dull so it’s your job to make sure everyone realises Kelly is not dull and can inspire your local council!

    – For such a small site you have an awful lot of markup, try losing those extra divs above the paragraph.

    – Some sort of contact details would go a long way to helping Kelly get some feedback from his fellow citizens!

    – Try get an image up there, make it feel personal!

    Looking forward to seeing an update!


    I think Snapshot has a lot of good tips, there.

    When I’m about to design a website for a client, I find it’s a good idea to look at other similar-purpose websites. You obviously don’t KNOW which websites "work the best," but you can guess.

    Here’s the first two sites that shows up when I searched "for city council" at google:

    None of them are amazing, but I would call them "Normal public servant websites." They all have color, pictures, and lots of information.

    Here’s a pretty nice, clean senate one:

    Red, White and Blue seem to be pretty popular colors

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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