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    I’ll admit it. I’m a Firefox fanboy. I love everything about it. It’s ESPECIALLY good in a UNIX like environment such as Mac or Linux.

    For me, Firefox + Firebug is awesome.

    That said, most people seem to be using Chrome. I’m no stranger to Chrome, as I have it installed on every OS and use it for testing all the time. However, it seems to have a lot of rendering issues. Scrolling is not super smooth nomatter what I do to it. Therefore, parallax effects are kind of lost in Chrome. They’re not quite as stunning as they could be.

    Also, Chrome seems to have issues with anti-alias on text. Various typefaces look all jagged and weird.

    Finally, the Chrome color picker plugin never works for me. Well, it works sometimes but only when it wants to.

    Am I misisng something? Is Chrome actually more awesome than Firefox and I just don’t know about it?


    I agree that scrolling is a little smoother in Firefox and that custom font rendering doesn’t work that great in Chrome.

    But I switched to Chrome about 2 years ago because Firefox kept crashing on me all the time, and took up way too much memory. For me, Chrome’s performance was/is better than Firefox’s.


    On a Mac, I don’t see so much aliasing issues that I saw in Windows within Chrome. I actually preferred Chrome to Firefox on Windows as Firefox seems to add extra weight to the characters. Choosing a truly hand-optimized font for the web can help.


    By the way, has anyone else experienced the “Not Responding” error when first opening Firefox on Windows?


    Tom’s Hardware benchmarked both browsers back in June and Firefox came out ahead.


    Glad I switched to a Mac…seriously.


    Both Google and Apple are highly invested in WebKit. Chrome seems to support more features, but Safari has also made some major improvements. I think ended Safari development for Windows back in 2012.

    It may also be interesting that Google provides Mozilla with $300 million a year to make them their default search provider. If Firefox OS becomes successful (quite possible and maybe even more popular than Android) then Google has just made a extremely wise investment.

    Bottom line. Both are good browsers, but I think we all know where this is going.


    A few years ago Firefox was just becoming way too slow for my liking so I switched over to Chrome and haven’t looked back.

    You mention Firebug but I think Chrome’s built in Inspector is infinitely better.



    .. runs away and hides ..

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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