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    I am developing a website for local prep school/little league sports that will feature articles and info about the different leagues/schools/org’s. The site is running on WordPress with which I can create and deliver news via posts. I would also like to feature profile pages with sub pages that include things such as:

    Sport > League > School/Organization(adult team, pop warner team, etc.) > Girls/Boys > Year and what ever other sub category will be needed.

    These pages will display schedules, rosters and other team/league information. Ideally I would like to be able to grant front-end users access to update or add team info in the future, but this is not fully necessary right now.

    This was basically an unseen challenge when I set out to create this website. I figured I could manually make parent child/pages, but I did not take into account the structure of the pages and the scope of how many pages this site would potentially have.

    The initial way I would do it, I was gonna end up with multiple “Football”, “Baseball”, “Tennis” child pages under Multiple “Schedule” pages, and multiple “Year” pages. has the model that I am looking for. I see that they are using ASP.NET.

    What is the most practical/efficient way to get this done? I figured I could create a subdomain and an ASP.NET site/app (I know nothing about ASP.NET) and link to it from the WordPress blog.



    I am not convinced this couldn’t be done well with WordPress, when for example changing the permalink structure (in the settings) to /%category%//%postname%/.

    From “Smashing WordPress” by Daniel Hedgren:

    You would want more control over the content if you need more than one newsy(category) section, though, in which case Page templates listing the latest posts from the category in question is a nice enough solution, as opposed to just linking the category archives. You would go about it by creating a Page per section and then having a Page template for each of these sections. Every Page template would contain a custom loop fetching the necessary posts.

    With a smart use of tags as well one can link things up nicely, however this still suggests a flatter structure (multiple categories, one category on each post, displayed in different “landing”-pages) then the one you are describing. So maybe not “WordPress out of the box” but this could be a good use-case for custom taxonomies, and/or custom post-types. Someone like Justin Tadlock writes about this in detail.


    Thank you so much for replying Atelierbram. I will study the link you shared.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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