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    Thanks @jacobpeters.

    On the project where I work, everyone use jQuery, as a result it was first that come in hand.

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    I think un-traq-ed stated very well the risks of using a library.

    When I was a complete JavaScript noob I started out using jQuery to learn, but once I started learning more about good old JavaScript itself I realized how little I learned with jQuery.

    I didn’t realize that writing $('.someClass') was actually a function named $ that I was passing a string to because it just magically got the element I was trying to find. I also didn’t realize that when I learned you could write .css({height: '90px', width: '100px'}) that I was passing an object literal as an argument to a function named css.

    Sure, I made it work, but I had no idea how or why it worked until I learned the basics of the language.

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