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    I have a shopping cart plugin that displays an add-to-cart button. for some items I want to display a different image. the plugin doesn’t allow this. So was thinking how to use CSS to work around this..

    Here is an extract of the source code:

    I thought of creating a span element called “specialImage” that on wrapped around this form, I could write some CSS to change the src URL to another image. I’m just not sure what the CSS code would be.



    You have an example on a page/site we can look at? Without the context it’s kinda difficult to see what you need.


    Hi. sure thing.

    you’ll see two buttons (that are the same) below the course description. If it helps the buttons are generated by a plugin by using the shortcode:

    [wp_cart:blue moon meditation & ritual Fri 31 Aug:price:20:end]

    The idea is to make the second button image something else without having to create a PayPal button and hyperlinking it to a manually inserted image. The current plugin covers all of that. So looking for a workaround.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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