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    i need your assistance with this site
    at the end of the page you can see the article “Certefikimet” Both four images aren’t in the center of the page. This problem isn’t only on the desktop view but as well in mobile (media min width-768px)

    Any idea how to solve this issue ?

    Thank you in advance


    For starters, there are left margins (around 300px, but all slightly different) on the following element ids;


    I also see a “cols-6” class on the “sprocket-strips-container”, which implies that there should be 6 list-items to divide the width amongst equally. However, there are currently only 4 list-items – ie. there is space for 2 more list-items, although they are not currently filled.

    I recognise the Roksprocket plugin markup, so, from memory, there should be settings in the backend module somewhere where you can specify how many list-items to display in a row. I imagine it will currently be set as 6, but if you only intend to have 4 list-items, have a poke about and change it to 4. That way, you’ll be using the inbuilt CSS/widths and won’t have to faff about with overrides in a custom stylesheet.


    Thank you…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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