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    I’m having issues with what appears to be an extremely simple problem. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around this for some reason. Essentially…Im trying to position two centered divs, side by side in a wrapper. I’ve been able to center the divs, but they are stacking instead of sitting next to each other. I’ve tried using float:left and display:inline-block…neither solving the issue. If anyone can suggest a solution for this…I’d be ever so grateful.

    Code sample:

    Thank You

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    Check this[ pen]( “”).

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    Here is a better version of @CodeGraphics code but without the extra html and unnecessary css. You dont need so much code for a simple thing.

    Simply put, if you have a div, and the elements inside are set to “display:inline-block” then you can just use “text-align:center” to center them inside. Then reset the “text-align:left” inside the box.

    []( “Code”)

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    I forked it further (to clean up and to simplify it):

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    Here is a flexbox version (modern browsers only):

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    Yeah, sorry for wrong link.

    Here below is a much more optimized version. Less CSS.

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